BOOK: Scaling New Heights: 2022 Pakaraima Writers Anthology

Scaling New Heights: 2022 Pakaraima Writers Anthology

Hardcover – April 20 2022 – by Ken Puddicombe  (Author)

In this, their first collection, Pakaraima Writers have produced a vast array of poems and short pieces, by poets, short story writers and novelists, some already published in prior journals, some relatively new, all engaging enough to hold the reader spellbound.

There are pieces that remind us of our Guyanese Heritage from poets in poems like Trails of Treasures by Janet Naidu, Guyana’s Seawall by James Richmond, The Petal Shivers by Ian McDonald, and the folksy Faaty-Leven by Petamber Persaud, Hard Ears Pickney by Shabeena Ramjohn, along with Granny Gone by Ray Williams and I Am Who I Am by Ken Puddicombe.          ..
There are poems that deal with Nostalgia: like Shivani Weds by Habeeb Alli, Sapodilla Grinsby Jerome Branche, That We Could Be Newborn by Lisa Freemantle, and Cherish Life by Cliff Rajkumar, along with Towards The Pebbled Shore by Peter Jailall. Then, there are poems that invoke yearning, pieces like Reflections for (MLD) by Jerome Branche, Going Away by Ian McDonald, Ode To Jai by Cliff Rajkumar and international writing from Ray Williams, Jerome Branche and Shabeena Ramjohn. Not to be outdone, a few short prose pieces round out the collection: Escape From Robben Island by Ray Williams, Best Before by Ken Puddicombe and The Man In The Penthouse by Janet Naidu.


Source: Guyanese Online

BOOK: Scaling New Heights: 2022 Pakaraima Writers Anthology
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